Throughout the month of November, I have been participating in the 30 Layers 30 Days Writing Challenge. Created by blogger extraordinaire GG Renee of All the Many Layers, the challenge provides a prompt for each day of the month. Daily blog posts are not realistic for me right now, so I decided to post short musings to social media each day instead. I have included days 1-15 below. Just wanted to share in case you’re not following me on social media and have been missing the blog.

Day 1: Eyes Wide Open                                                                                                  Day 2: Worth the Wait

img_0217      img_0221

Day 3: Cravings                                                                                                               Day 4: What She Saw

img_0225                         img_0228

Day 5: No Regrets                                                                                                            Day 6: A Cluttered Mind

img_0241                         img_0250

Day 7: If I Had the Time                                                                                                       Day 8: Sacrifice

img_0252                           img_0264

Day 9: Faith and Forever                                                                                                    Day 10: How I Heal

img_0265                        img_0267

Day 11: Hot and Bothered                                                                                               Day 12: Special to Me

img_0270                 img_0279

Day 13: Missing Myself                                                                                                     Day 14: Alter Ego

img_0281               img_0287

Day 15: 3 AM


Read the second half of the challenge in Part 2.

Photo by Simone Dalmari, Unsplash.

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